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Our financial planners will get to know you and identify your long
term objectives and needs – then, they will  develop a personally
tailored plan to help you achieve your goals.  Individual, family and
business issues are addressed to help you anticipate and prepare
for significant financial events before they occur. 

Safeguarding your wealth, and planning long-range to maximize it,
is at the heart of every product and service offered by Ferrell Wealth
Management.  We thoroughly analyze your unique needs and, just
as thoroughly, research the products that will meet them, taking a
disciplined, objective approach to helping you achieve your
investment goals.  Our managers and advisors are highly skilled and
committed to your ongoing success.

Ferrell Wealth Management, Inc. currently manages over
$240,000,000 for individuals, trusts and estates.  Using a holistic
approach, recognizing the portfolio as one part of our client’s entire
financial plan, we provide clients with a full range of investment
consulting and planning services including:

  • Asset Classification Analysis
  • Preparation of a personal Strategic
    Asset Allocation Plan
  • Development of a customized
    investment portfolio
  • Investment management using institutional no-load mutual funds and/or highly ranked separate account managers.
  • Performance evaluation and monitoring of style-specific Separate Account Managers and Mutual Funds Managers
  • Personalized Investment Policy Statements
  • State of the art technology for analysis and reporting

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