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Itís important that you understand risk & return before
beginning any investment plan. 

General Portfolio Guidelines
Risk tolerance, investment horizon and income needs are the
primary factors in deciding on an investment strategy and asset
allocation.  What type of strategy matches your investment profile?

Preservation - If you are uncomfortable with the volatility that
comes with investing in equities or have a short investment
horizon.  Historically, equities have outperformed fixed income in
the long run, so a longer time horizon allows for more risk to be
absorbed.  Therefore, in order to earn an expected higher return,
those with a higher risk tolerance and a longer investment horizon
should increase their percentage in equities

Conservation - Designed to slightly outpace inflation and have
low volatility.

Balance - For those with a moderate
risk tolerance and an investment
horizon of around 10 years.

Growth - For those who have an
investment horizon around 15 years
and can tolerate negative returns
during some years in the market.

Aggressive - For those who can tolerate a great deal of risk and have an investment horizon greater than 20 years.


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